Why Us?

Why Us
At Angel Hair Designs we believe that weaving and braiding is an art form. Everyone does it differently. Here, we start with a hydrated scalp. You won’t see your scalp for quite some time so we make sure we give it a good start with some oils to hydrate it. This will keep the dryness and itching at bay for a while.

A secure and neat base: People think that because you can’t see what’s underneath a weave that you don’t have to spend much time on the secureness of the base or its appearance. We put just as much effort into your base as we do the actual weave. Your cornrows underneath will be uniform, and secure. Any additions, for example a net, will be installed securely as well. There will be no need to worry about a track slipping out as you comb or brush your weave.

For Braid and Cornrow styles we hydrate your scalp as well. We secure all braids and cornrows and make sure they are all uniform in size and length. The looser your braid the less time you’ll have to enjoy your style. A loose braid in a braid style or in a cornrow underneath your weave will ultimately leave the style looking old sooner and make the hair feel less secure early on.

Our method promises to give your weave or braid more security, which in turn will make the style last longer, ultimately making you happier. We also believe beauty cannot be rushed. We take our time here, making sure we pay close attention to every detail in order to give you what you desire.

We look forward to making you feel, More Secure, More Confident, More YOU!

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