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Deanna Dunn is amazing! She is not only amazing in her skills as a Hair-Ologist, but her customer service skills are Outstanding. Take it from me, when you have “Hair Problems” it is a BIG THING. One, you are already self-conscience about your appearance and two, your self-esteem is low. Face it, a girl’s hair is her glory and when your glory starts fading prematurely – Life can seem to be pretty bad. When you finally make the decision to do something about it, and actually have to show someone your “Hair Problems”, you not only want them to be professional, but empathetic as well. Deanna Dunn is all that rolled into one. She is Professional, Empathetic, Sympathetic, Patient, Non Judgmental, Caring and a Darn Good Hair-Ologist. If gentle privacy is what you need, she can accommodate. Trust me. I have only allowed one other person to see my “naked hair” she was my personal beautician. But she moved to California. I was sad as I thought, I have to go back into a wig forever. But Deanna Dunn came to the rescue and I am just as pleased. Now look at me, rocking a marvelous sew in weave and feeling BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you,
Beautiful Again


I was one of Deanna Dunn’s first clients and I must say that I was very pleased with the work that Deanna has done. I’m originally from Indiana and I’ve moved to Arizona in 2008 and I’ve had several weaves done in the past when I lived in Indiana and I have had a bit of hair loss in the front of my head. When I moved to Queen creek Arizona, I didn’t know anyone who could provide service’s for African Americans so I was doing my own hair. When I meet Deanna her hair was always layed out, and I would ask her who does your hair? She told me she did, and I was AMAZED! Her hair was always so well blended through out, and so well done. I was really impressed by the fact that she was able to do the back of her own hair without any help. So, I then asked her if she has done anyone else’s hair besides hers and her children and she told me she hasn’t. I then talked her into taking a chance on doing my hair and she agreed. She has been doing my weave ever since. Deanna has done wonders for me, and if you have a lack of hair or hair loss she is the LADY for you. My husband and I thank you Deanna from the bottom of our heart’s.

Renewed Again


I loved my experience with Deanna. She was very friendly and talkative yet very professional. If ever I want something she’s never done before, she lets me know she’s never done it, but always does her best. I have no complaints, my hair always looks amazing when she’s done. I will definitely keep using her for years to come :)



I I just wanted to say that I was very please with the overall experience of getting my hair done by Deanna. My hair turned out better than I could have ever anticipated. The price was very affordable. And I would definitely recommend her to friends and family and I would go back and have my hair done by her again.


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