About Your Stylist


Hi! I am Deanna Dunn, founder and owner of Angel Hair Designs. I bring to the art of weaving and braiding over 16 years of experience. I have had a passion for doing hair ever since I was a little girl. Of course I started off with my baby dolls. Then, when I was old enough, around 6th grade, I started doing my own hair. I loved all the ways I could be creative with my own hair. I changed my hairstyle often, and that’s an understatement! On two special occasions during my high school years, I went to a salon and let the professionals do it. Needless to say I was very disappointed and distraught at the outcome and vowed not to let any other person touch my hair. I then began to take an even greater interest in my hair trying even more styles including braiding and weaving. I researched, and practiced lots of different techniques until I found the method that I use today. Yes, I braid and weave my own hair! People started to notice and would request that I do theirs also. They were all so happy and overjoyed that they would refer to me as their personal “Hair Angel”. Hence the name Angel Hair Designs. I put great care into your hair just as I do with mine. I am all about continuing to educate myself in this art form, for I know that styles are constantly changing and new techniques evolving.

Angel Hair Designs specializes in the art of Sew-In Weaves and Braids. Our Sew-In Weaves are specific to each client’s needs. Thick hair, thin hair, or barely any hair, call us for a consultation and let’s discuss how we can help you. We know that every client’s hair is unique; therefore we provide a personalized method to your installation process. At Angel Hair Designs we do not bond weaves, which is the process of using hair glue to attach the weave to your head. We believe that particular process is very damaging to your hair. It also doesn’t allow for your natural to be regularly washed and conditioned. That being said, we only install weaves using the sew-in method. In addition to braids, we also do cornrows. We do not do micro braids because of the enormous amount of time it takes. Here, we take our time making sure we achieve the desired look the client wants. We all know beauty cannot be rushed. Our motto here at Angel Hair Designs is to provide you with a more securely installed weave or braid, so that you can feel more confident knowing that you won’t have any mishaps with your hair, thus focusing more of your time and energy on YOU the total package! So call us to set up your individualized appointment so that you can feel More Secure, More Confident, More YOU!

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